About Higgsino Collectible Clips (NFT’s)

A video/article consists of many individual clips. These clips will be available to collect as an NFT.

Supply of 100 per clip. 5% on re-sale.

Browse NFTs here.

Why should you buy Higgsino Collectible Clips? If you want to support the cause. The aim for is to continue the project without sponsors or ads. Making “Collectible Clips” as NFT’s further motivates to create even better animations.

Available NFTS

1 LASER Stimulated Emission

The clip is from the laser creation. Stimulated Emission of light-atom interaction.

Stimulated Emission

2 SUPERCONDUCTIVITY Electron Attraction

Clip from the superconductor creation. Two electrons in a lattice are attracted by a deformation in the grid.

Electron Attraction

3 TIDE Gradient Forces

Clip from the creation "Physics of tides". Clip shows a force gradient due to different distances to the moon.

Gradient Forces